Announcing the EWPN Research Network

February 22nd 2019

I am very pleased to announce a new Research Network as part of the European Women Payments Network, which is co-led by myself and Dr. Anette Broløs

The EWPN Research Network brings together payments researchers working in industry, academia, and not-for-profit organisations. We work together to connect, create, and collaborate on research projects and activities. Our goal is to improve the quality of payments research and advance our knowledge of the role of payments in society and industry.

The EWPN Research Network is free to join. To sign up, please email

The EWPN Research Network will be formally launched at the EWPN Annual Conference on the 4th and 5th of June, 2019:

  • 4th June, 14:00-17:30 – “Open Space: Building an EWPN Research Network” (maximum 50 people)
  • 5th June – “Why does Payments Research Matter? Launch of the EWPN Research Network”

For more information see the EWPN conference 2019 website. You can register for the conference on Eventbrite.

GDPR for web developers

January 10th 2019

GDPR has affected everything we do with user data, and companies have really struggled to be compliant with the new regulation. And the struggle is not over.

In this talk at SymfonyLive London 2018 we explain what GDPR is, and then we talk about the different ways in which web developers have approached it. We present case studies based on interviews we have done with three companies Then we discuss some of the on-going issues with GDPR.

Watch the video here

The social benefits of personalized finance

August 3rd 2018

Until recently, personal finance services have been highly standardized. Most banks have offered very similar types of accounts, online banking features, and standardized credit cards. As a result, people often view banks as being cut from the same mould. In the UK, this standardization has been identified as a major reason for low levels of account-switching. Why go to the hassle of changing banks if they all offer the same packages, and at similar price points?

How do the Dutch actually pay? Peering into people's wallets

June 19th 2018

The Dutch are famous for preferring domestic financial services to foreign ones. As many an unsuspecting traveler to the Netherlands has discovered, it can be difficult to buy things without a Dutch debit card.

In fact, the Dutch love their own products so much that they even invented their own payments system called iDeal to prevent PayPal from gaining market dominance.

However, things are changing. Financial services are increasingly accessible across international borders, thanks to a combination of technological and regulatory developments.

How will this affect the Dutch market for financial services? Will they adopt foreign financial services, or will they stick with homegrown ones? The Dutch National Bank (DNB) does their own excellent research on payments in the Netherlands. We took a slightly nosier approach, peering into people’s bags and wallets to see what they use and how they use it.

Read Part I and Part II of this article on The Paypers website.