Kids on the frontline of Haiti's fault line: Working with children in post-earthquake camps

August 29th 2011

Guest blog by Talitha Stam

On January 12th, 2010 an earthquake shock Haiti for 35 seconds. My child-centered research immediately took off as I tried to understand how the earthquake affected the social networks of children.

From January until August 2010 I lived in Port-au-Prince, Belladere and at the Haitian-Dominican border conducting child-centered-research on the earthquake relocation of Haitian children. 

Their stories provide an insider perspective on how children shaped and negotiated their social networks in the immediate post earthquake environment.

New report on mobile money in Haiti by InterMedia

August 25th 2011

InterMedia have recently released a report for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation entitled 'Mobile Money in Haiti: A Baseline Analysis of Access, Use and Barriers to Adoption' (July 2011).

Based on 1,008 face-to-face surveys across Haiti's departments, the report confirms our own findings presented in our April 2011 report on early adopters of mobile money in Haiti: the importance of security issues, the predominance of 'me-to-me' transactions over more traditional remittances, and willingness to try the new technology.

A cat and mouse game: The future security of mobile money

August 8th 2011

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the human face of mobile banking and its security problems. Erin Taylor recently wrote about Bill Maurer's USAID webinar discussing how anthropological insight is changing the way we see common social engineering based security risks, so Erin asked me for my input from a technical security standpoint.