A lively landing in Haiti

January 22nd 2011

On Monday I arrived in Port-au-Prince to conduct the next phase of my project with Dr. Heather Horst and Dr. Espelencia Baptiste on mobile phones, money, and movement of people in Haiti. Last year we were researching the flow remittances around the country. Since we left, Digicel and Voilá have both launched mobile money services (TchoTcho Mobile and T-Cash respectively). We're back to witness the rollout and see how people are using it.

One year since Haiti earthquake

January 14th 2011

Wednesday 12th January marked the one year anniversary since the Haiti earthquake. Port-au-Prince is still a mess: little rebuilding has been done, and thousands of people are sti.ll living in makeshift camps where cholera poses a grave threat. An anthropology blog called Savage Minds is posting a 'Reflections on Haiti' series this week to address the continuing nature of the crisis.

Articles published from Ends of Worlds symposium

January 12th 2011

On the 25th and 26th of March, 2011, the Anthropology department at the University of Sydney hosted a symposium called 'Anthropology and the Ends of Worlds'. Presenters spoke about a range of topics related to perceptions of the world's condition and fa in a range of cultures around the world. Traditional cosmological concerns were joined by a range of contemporary issues including climate change, natural disasters, and political/economic instability. The refereed proceedings from the symposium are now available online.

Haitian Monetary Ecologies report is online

December 23rd 2010

In July-September this year I worked on a project about internal remittances in Haiti with Dr. Heather Horst and Dr. Espelencia Baptiste. Our report is now available on the IMTFI website. It provides a qualitative snapshot of Haitian monetary ecologies six months after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010.