Launching new project on global consumer finance research

December 8th 2014

Gawain Lynch and I are happy to announce that we have just begun a new project with the IMTFI on global research in consumer finance.

Over the next eight months we will be surveying research in consumer finance globally to understand how changes in consumer finance globally are affecting consumers, and how researchers are adapting to understand consumers as they grapple with these changes.

Mobilizing concepts across disciplines: An economic analysis

December 8th 2014

There are many lenses through which we can think about mobility. There is no one correct lens to use; in fact, adopting different lenses at different moments can help us spot things that we may have otherwise missed.

Many anthropologists do fieldwork in places where we are strangers. One one of the major advantages of this is that it allows us to notice things that we would likely take for granted if we we insiders to the community that we were trying to study.

Free compilation of popular anthropology

November 24th 2014

Want to read popular anthropology but don't know where to start? A few of us fans got together and compiled a booklet of short articles by anthropologists from around the world.

Showcasing Popular Anthropology includes contributions from Sarah Kenzidor, Joris Luyendijk, Keith Hart, Dori Tunstall, Susan Blum, Helen Fisher, Vito Laterza, Olimide Abimbola, Agustín Fuentes, Rosemary Joyce, Greg Downey. At the back is a list of further reading to help you learn more about who is doing what and where they're writing.

New PopAnth launched!

November 19th 2014

On behalf of PopAnth's editorial team, I am pleased to announce that today we launched a new version of PopAnth - Hot Buttered Humanity!

The new version is cleaner, prettier, and completely mobile device compatible. Overall, though, we've retained the look, feel and features of the original site.