Articles published from Ends of Worlds symposium

On the 25th and 26th of March, 2011, the Anthropology department at the University of Sydney hosted a symposium called 'Anthropology and the Ends of Worlds'. Presenters spoke about a range of topics related to perceptions of the world's condition and fa in a range of cultures around the world. Traditional cosmological concerns were joined by a range of contemporary issues including climate change, natural disasters, and political/economic instability. The refereed proceedings from the symposium are now available online.

My paper, ¡Crisis is Coming! Material Manifestations of Immaterial Ends, discusses how and why residents of a squatter settlement in Santo Domingo have little belief that their barrio can be transformed into a liveable community. I argue that residents’ yearnings for the end of their community primarily emerge from a much broader (and historically deeper) sense of crisis that relates government corruption to the moral degradation of Dominican society by way of explaining the failure of national aspirations for progress. This paper is part of a research project I have been carrying out since September 2004.