Haitian Monetary Ecologies report is online

In July-September this year I worked on a project about internal remittances in Haiti with Dr. Heather Horst and Dr. Espelencia Baptiste. Our report is now available on the IMTFI website. It provides a qualitative snapshot of Haitian monetary ecologies six months after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12, 2010.

The research examined the variety of ways in which money, people and goods circulate throughout Haiti in light of the changing economic, social and financial landscape. Specifically, it addresses three key challenges that shape everyday Haitians’ attitudes towards money, trade and exchange and the potential for social change through new financial services:

  1. Bureaucracy and Power
  2. Time and Cost
  3. Security

The report concludes by providing a series of recommendations concerning then importance of social networks and intermediaries in moving money, the incorporation of the Haitian diaspora into financial inclusion models and the broader need to address Haitian values concerning savings, time and forms of exchange.