New PopAnth launched!

On behalf of PopAnth's editorial team, I am pleased to announce that today we launched a new version of PopAnth - Hot Buttered Humanity!

The new version is cleaner, prettier, and completely mobile device compatible. Overall, though, we've retained the look, feel and features of the original site.

Gawain Lynch worked on the design with the expert advice of designer Thaís Guimarães dos Santos. Gawain also did all the back end work. In the process of the redesign we moved platforms from WordPress to Bolt, an up-and-coming open source CMS run out of the Netherlands.

We're always looking for new authors, so if you'd like to pitch us something, you can email us at Besides the topical articles and reviews that we normally publish, we're also looking to expand our range to include current affairs, discoveries and science reporting.

You can check out our Contribute page for more information. We're open to experimentation, so let your imagination and enthusiasm run wild!