Reports from Maintainerati Berlin now available

I'm happy to announce that the reports from the Maintainerati unconference in Berlin in May 2019 are now available to download

Maintainerati Berlin brought together nearly 80 maintainers from all over the world to share their experiences of running and maintaining digital infrastructure projects. The reports present a summary of the many, and varied, discussions that took place on 24 May 2019 in the Spreespeicher Center in Berlin.

The Event Report presents an analysis of 12 “Key Challenges and Lessons” that occurred repeatedly across the different sessions. For each one we describe what it is, what participants think causes it, and their ideas for how to solve it. In the conclusion, Creating Culture Change, we make some initial suggestions for what can be done to create healthier open source communities.

The Session Notes are a record of all 29 discussion sessions that took place on the day.We are making these session summaries freely available in the hope that maintainers, researchers and policy-makers can use them to better understand the problems faced by communities developing digital infrastructure. We have provided our own analysis in the Event Report, but we encourage the open source community to dig deeper on their own.

To learn more, visit the Maintainerati website or contact me at